Goodbye and Thank You

By Larry Metzler

The Munds Park Trail Stewards would like to say good-bye to a dear friend and a founding member, Veronica 'Roni' Evaneshko. Roni passed away on October 30, 2021. Roni, along with Diane Lawrence and the Munds Park community, organized the Munds Park Trail Stewards in the early days. Roni performed many tasks in the MUTS organization. One of Roni’s most ambitious achievement was getting the Irons Springs Trailhead approved by the local community and the Coconino National Forest Service.

Roni also was a dog lover. Guess who’s input provided the Munds Park Trail Stewards with the nickname, the MUTS. We will miss you Roni.

Veronica 'Roni' Evaneshko
Veronica 'Roni' Evaneshko, founding member of MUTS

The Munds Park Trail Stewards are honored to be named the recipient of memorial donations in memory of Wayne Kochert. Wayne was an avid hiker and loved the trails around Munds Park, in which the MUTS help to maintain. Wayne and his surviving wifie, Barbara, were seasonal Munds Park residents. Thank you for the donations.

The MUTS would like to send about a special thank you to Barb and Bob Timbermen. The Timbermans provided the MUTS a lunch spot and delightful lunches. After nine years, Barb and Bob have decided to let others have the joy of serving MUTS lunches. By-the-way, if you have not had some of Barb’s cooking, you are ready missing out on some good eats.

The Munds Park Trail Stewards (MUTS) held their last scheduled 2021 Volunteer Event on October 2nd. We will start our volunteer events either April or May in 2022, look for updates in the Pinewood News or on this website.