Munds Park Trail Stewards (MUTS) News

Although the Munds Park Trail Stewards (MUTS) volunteers are not meeting as a group, individual volunteers are out on the trails surveying the winter’s damage and performing trail maintenance. Yes, we are practicing social distancing.

All trails are open for everyone to enjoy. Crystal Point Trail has several trees that need to be removed. We have informed Coconino National Forest Service about the trees.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the June 13th trail event is on hold. Check the next Pinewood News or the MUTS website for the event update.

The Munds Park Trail Stewards are always looking for trailhead clean-up volunteers. The volunteers will perform clean-up at the Pinewood Trailhead (240 Turn Around Area) and the Iron Springs Trailhead on a once a week basis. You can volunteer for a month or just one day. If requested, the MUTS will provide the trash picker-uppers (grabbers), gloves and garbage bags. Interested? Just send us an email ( and we will work you into the schedule.

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