By Larry Metzler

All the vegetation that grew nice and tall during our wet winter has now dried out. The fact is there is a Stage 2 Fire Restrictions across Coconino National Forest lands.  The restrictions begin June 13 and will be in place until Aug. 1, or until being rescinded (whichever comes first). Refer to the Coconino National Forest Service website for the fire restriction details and updates.

Be aware of the fire and weather conditions when traveling with your off-highway vehicle on the roads and trails. If you need to pull off to the side, be careful. Make sure you pull off in an area with little or no vegetation. Your hot engine can ignite the dry vegetation and start a fire. Make sure you have a spark arrestor on your OHV exhaust.

If you spot a wildfire, note the location and call 911 as soon as possible.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Coconino National Forest Service and the Munds Park Trail Stewards (MUTS) have cancelled all trail events until further notice. Although we are not holding events, the MUTS still have operating expenses, please consider donating the MUTS.