Trail Sharing Etiquette

By Larry Metzler

Most of the people you will met along the trail are very friendly and courteous. Usually there is no problem when two trail users need to pass each other on the trail. Arizona State Parks and Trails and other public land management agencies have established guidelines on trail sharing.

Here is a summary of some of the trail sharing guidelines. Slower Off-Highway Vehicles should yield to faster moving OHVs. OHVs should yield to all non-motorized users. Pedestrian (runners and hikers) should yield to equestrians. Bicyclists should yield to pedestrian and equestrians. Downhill trail users should yield to uphill trail users. When in doubt, give the other users the right of way. For more information, visit the Arizona State Parks and Trails website.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Coconino National Forest Service and the Munds Park Trail Stewards (MUTS) have canceled all trail events until further notice. Although we are not holding events, the MUTS still have operating expenses, please consider donating to the MUTS.

Stay safe and enjoy the outdoors.