Who Are those Munds Park Trail Stewards?

By Larry Metzler

The Munds Park Trail Stewards (a.k.a. MUTS) are a group of volunteers working with the Coconino National Forest Service.

  • We work on the multi-use trails in the Coconino National Forest lands surround the Munds Park community.
  • We help maintain the Pinewood and Iron Springs Trailheads.
  • We educate the forest users on the laws and safety.
  • We assist the Coconino National Forest Service with any task that will benefit healthy forest ecology and the forest user.

We are not a political, social issues or law enforcement organization.  The Munds Park Trail Stewards is a non-profit organization operating with volunteers.  Our main financial funding is through donations.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Coconino National Forest Service and the Munds Park Trail Stewards have canceled all trail events until further notice.

For more information, check-out this website or email  mundstrailstewards@hotmail.com